About SAC

A celebration of beauty, heritage and nature, Sai Aravind Convention hall is a fine example of luxury amidst the grandeur of venues. Founded by Smt.Karpagam Subramaniam, the hall stands as a great of passion towards creating something magnificent and almost magical in the unadulterated essence of simple yet mesmerizing crafts of nature and man alike.
Sai Aravind Convention hall sets itself apart by being ornamental in its every aspect, right from the fine detailing observed in the architecture of every structure raised within the facility, to the attention-to detail paid into designing every inch within. Spanning the lengths and breadths of the facility's that build an acute sense of being at the sanctum of one's own home, and right in center of the simple pleasures it has to offer. This Chennai-based facility also taken pride in being a traditional facility where you can spend many leisurely hours soaking-in ethnic richness of the times gone by.


Being a multi function facility, it offers relaxation & enjoyment for familie's corporates and groups alike, along with some in-house facilities and services for the purpose of business as well as pure pleasure. The promise that SAC works towards is that, from the time you arrive to the last minute of your stay with us, you be filled with many memorable experiences forming reasons for you to come back.