For South Indian weddings, expect to have many different rice dishes on hand along with a variety of sabzis and maybe even dosa. Sweets like halva and barfi should not be missing from any feast. Western wedding cakes, along with Western pastries, are becoming more and more common at weddings and will amp up your dessert table. There have to be a lot of dishes for any sort of Hindu wedding and they all have to be fattening. That's it, Go crazy and don't forget the halva.


Our tradition here demands one to follow some ritualistic procedures while attending weddings where rules on service of Food to guest and proscriptions on certain vegetables and dishes, etc are adhered to. But the very practice of serving food on tables requires some drastic restructuring of food consumption practices. The guest are nevertheless erred food on large banana leaves instead of steel or ceramic plates as it also augurs well contribute to save the planet. This elaborately prepared lunch or dinner is well appreciated by the older generation while the younger may frown upon it. SAC Halls take great care in offering this service to the discerning and learned clientele that come in search of this option.


SAC Halls, meet the needs of all event organizers, from convenience to comforts to the all important dining experience. Our specialist Chefs with a combined experience of 70 years of crafting traditional cuisines of the south, have curated an dining Experience like no other. Converse with our Chefs and your guests will be treated to fare so regal you will have the gathering Humming "a meal fit for a King" as they complete their dining experience with us.